Ex-Couple Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang to Collaborate in Upcoming Drama | mana.freebeeb.net Ex-Couple Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang to Collaborate in Upcoming Drama | mana.freebeeb.net

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Both have been getting a lot of flak and unfair bashing from haters. Do you understand the rules of the industry?

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She got big roles right off the back compared to other newbies and of course criticisms are going to get her. I believe fans are angry because he moved on very fast after saying that he will always love ZS.

Look at it from their perspective, however skewed it is. Are you curious about how you would appear after? So at the press conference today, Zheng Shuang was asked that question again, as well as the even more hotter topic du jour about her, which is that her face is totally and completely different and did she get plastic surgery.

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More power to her! I think this is something that can be talked about openly. I totally never bought that. And they were spotted on vacation in Paris together. Calling him a playboy is rediculous when he stayed with the same girl for 5 years.

Zheng Shuang Talks Plastic Surgery & Zhang Han

I read news saying they stayed in a hotel together last year for a week. I have no problems with plastic surgery, for stars or regular folks. They will jump to protect ZS because some folks, non-fans, have dragged her into this already.

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The above two pictures are Zheng Shuang at the Ancient Sword Fantasy press conference, and her character official still for the drama.

Zheng Shuang then talked about her lack of public appearance for more than a year, saying she was trying to get use to the fame and the media attention that came as a result of Meteor Shower.