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This angers Alexis greatly as Jaden did not even bother to check her face-downs. That night, as Jaden was about to return to his dormitory, he sees Alexis waiting for him. Alexis plans to Summon " Cyber Prima " but misses the timing to activate " Prima Light " during her opponent's turn.

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The Tag Dueling tournament reaches its final match: Blair, upon hearing this, activates her face-down " Partner Change ", which will allow her to switch sides with one of her opponents if he or she agrees.

Jaden Yuki and Alexis Rhodes vs. She is now finally fed up with Jaden's actions since she believes he doesn't care about her feelings.

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She asks Alexis if she would switch sides and the latter agrees to switch, so Blair becomes Jaden's partner and Alexis becomes Hassleberry's partner. Blair Blair draws " Stray Lambs ".

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Jaden and Alexis still are not working well together, and Blair activates a card allowing them to switch partners. Alexis notes she thought Jaden finally decided to cooperate, but she was foolish to think for even a second that Jaden would do that.

Hassleberry Hassleberry draws " New Ultra Evolution ". Jaden is confused as he notes he used her monster too, but she explains she is talking about how he used it.

Alexis then Sets two cards.

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