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The Jongkyung couple is the youngest couple of the current entertainment business, having dating for only one month. At that time, Jonghyun would even cover her from passersby.

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February 15th, at 2: This actress does not deserve that. They have good feelings for one another and are currently getting to know each other.

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Those points became a sort of strength to one another. And the actor who was with her in when a man falls in love just made 2 recent dramas, both with a very high budge and were broadcasted on weekend which is a the prime time for KDramas and he still did not do better rating.

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She did her best in all her dramas. They communicate through texting or phone calls and usually just take walks in the early morning around their homes.

Same goes for when a man falls in love, she gave it her best. Tune in to catch the behind story of the hot couple of the month!

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While doing such hard dramas, actors her age where doing kids at school silly dramas! They share a lot of the same hobbies and thoughts, which is why they were able to get so close so fast.

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That was her character. A part of the fanclub reject to listen the reason and left venomous messages: The new cute couple was disclosed to meet regularly in spite of their busy schedules. Their relationship is just now beginning.

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