England Stove Works Summers Heat EPA Wood Burning Stove - SHSSW01 England Stove Works Summers Heat EPA Wood Burning Stove - SHSSW01

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The possibility of dangerous gases infiltrating into this jacket is a valid concern and entirely dependent on the integrity of the firebox.

This allows you to ignite the stove and eliminates the need to constantly add logs, move ash and spend excessive amounts of time nurturing your fire. No it is not. England Stove Works has created a stove that allows you enjoy time with loved ones, all the while, enjoying the glow and warmth of a roaring fire.

This isn't required if your masonry wall is separated from a combustible wall by at least a 1-inch gap and is vented at top and bottom. All ThermoWind models will burn COAL as well because we have a forced air induction fan that blows air up through the grates just like a blacksmith's forge; the only way that coal will burn is feeding oxygen from the bottom.

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This is like getting a bigger propane or oil tank! As with all wood stoves, don't touch it. Here are some more helpful resources on wood stoves for manufactured homes: Is his logic flawed?

England Stove Works Summers Heat EPA Wood Burning Stove - 50-SHSSW01

Please don't burn plastic in any wood stove. Warm air moves to cold air untill they are the same temperature; high pressure moves to low pressure untill they are in balance.

This can only be done by careful inspection and possibly some sort of pressure test.

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We might in the future. Stovepipe is only for use inside of the home.

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Modern technology has combined with the old world charm of a glowing fire to create the wood burning stove. With adequate air jacket flow and typical wood stove firing practice, I don't see this being a problem for the furnace.

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That is mighty low, but sure seems as though they would have a range of draw extending well above 15 cfm.