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The Inheritors (William Golding)

It is a book which both demands and resists literary analysis. The introduction makes play with the difference between Golding's parents. He struck at a tree as it came past to keep it still and then he was lying on his back with the sky spinning over him.

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The story rushes you ahead; only later do you home in on some potent detail. His father, Alex, was a schoolmaster, while his mother, Mildred, was active in the Women's Suffrage Movement the movement for women's right to vote.

But all of this is an expected cycle; the people know about birth and death.

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The author's creative output then dropped drastically. They observe their actions and rituals with amazement, only slowly understanding that harm is meant by the sticks of the new people. And the terrible ending, when Lok is alone, the last of his kind, and dies of grief, is the death of innocence.

The people are astonished and awed by the newcomers. As the novel's reputation grew, critics reacted by drawing scholarly reviews out of what was previously dismissed as just another adventure story.

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Making Lok the puzzled interpreter of what is going on was a master-stroke; the reader recognises with dismay the human characteristics and behaviour of the newcomers, while empathising entirely with Lok's bewilderment.

All books are built of language, but in many cases the language or style is something strapped onto an existing story or idea.

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Nor will they kill an animal view spoiler [except apparently frogs, frogs it seems, were fair game hide spoiler ] but will only scavenge those killed by other beasts.