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The tiny glow of happiness bubbling away in the pit of Minseok's stomach is cut off when Dongwoo sniggers. Why is he stuttering?

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Because of it, he didn't managed to look again to that guy because it was a waste of time on his thought. Did someone send in an ad for a blow-up doll again? He slam the table resulting that everybody was looking at him, even the handsome guy.

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So much for his degree in Graphic Design. Tao was wearing a blue beanie, Orange tshirt with a jacket on, shorts and a rubber shoes on him.

Dongwoo shakes his head.

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It was probably one of Dongwoo's exes saying that he should probably get checked out, or something. He passed by Kris Wu fan and heard something.

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He was mad about that, as well. Dongwoo doesn't have a big news story to work on. So he just smiled and continued leaving.

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After a seconds, Tao's tequila was done. Tao was currently at the bar, roaming around finding a hot guy, everybody was flirting to him even girls.