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Peter thinks Ghovat is in town with something to sell, and fashion week gives him the perfect cover. He easily finds Neal at his girlfriend's apartment, deflated and defeated. But Peter checks her out and learns that the reason … Description Neal Caffrey has no alibi for the robbery from a Manhattan fashion house's safe of the world's largest pink diamond, which was replaced by a masked man resembling him with a synthetic one bearing his initials.

Judging … Description Mob baron Burrelli asks FBI's help to solve the theft of his parish church's Bible, from 17th century Naples, where it would have worked several miracles.

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Neal talks to the owner and learns that her family has a connection to the painting, which makes Neal wonder who the painting really belongs to. She has completely disappeared.

When they're alone she disengages Neal's wire and reveals that she's an Interpol agent.

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Description With a few months left on his four-year sentence, criminal mastermind Neal Caffrey escapes from maximum security prison to save his relationship with his girlfriend.

Things get worse when one of those beautiful women is witness to a murder. Neal assumes it may be meant for healing, as it's very hard to fence, having contacted expert Fiametta, who points out it's actually a breviary, not a Bible. While in the midst of the operation, there's a raid and Neal is aided by the hostess.

FBI Agent Peter Burke, the man who had chased him for years and had finally caught him, is called in to track him down. Burke tells her that her husband should turn himself in which he does but claims to be innocent.