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Here are five reasons why you should consider picking it up. Naturally, this piqued my interest.

The 10,000-Hour Rule

And if you get bored you will need a lot more than 10, hours to become an expert. To notch up 10, hours would require about 90 minutes of practice every day for 20 years.

A psychological hurdle My point is that fields and categories melt together and crosses each other border. Displeased with Gladwell's generalizations drawn from small amounts of data, Roger Gathman wrote in The Austin American-Statesman that this was uncharacteristic of him, and believed that the approach points to a "certain exhaustion in his favorite method".

Robert Oppenheimer 's affluent background helped give him the skills necessary to become successful. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell So recently I read the book entitled Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and I know that this book has been around for quite some time now since it was published in Use tools like Anki for learning any new topic.

But according to John Lennon that would change when they began playing in small clubs in Germany. Merton calls it "the Matthew Effect ", named after a biblical verse in the Gospel of Matthew: The reason behind this is that since youth hockey leagues determine eligibility by calendar year, children born on January 1 play in the same league as those born on December 31 in the same year.

After moving together to Canada, Graham became a math professor and Joyce a writer and therapist. Learning and gaining experience are gradual processes; skills evolve slowly, with practice. Unfortunately, the moment the 10,hour mark is reached is not a skills tipping point — to use another phrase popularised by Gladwell.