Dating: How Do You Develop a Relationship God’s Way? - Life, Hope & Truth Dating: How Do You Develop a Relationship God’s Way? - Life, Hope & Truth

What does a godly dating relationship look like, how to have a godly dating relationship. when the not-yet married meet | desiring god

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I also understand that if I got married, what I do as a single person may need to change to accommodate what we do as a married couple.

Nowadays a person you date can say they are Christian, but actions speak louder than words. The truth is that every one of us are coming into our relationships with the opposite sex needing further sanctification, needing growth, needing our identity in Christ, and needing to have parts of our flesh mortified.

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Now take care of him and lay down your life for her. Honor them as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing may interfere with your prayers.

To be conformed into the image of Christ.

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Had those been the only issue, I would have continued with the relationship. But at the same time, I want to protect the hearts particularly of young women from godly men teasing them with pursuit.

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And God will be glorified. Does she seek to build you up and help you with what God has for you? Want it to grow into more. Does affection make you uncomfortable?

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