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West midlands bus pass for over 60s dating, accessibility links

They would also help bus operators increase and improve services for us all.

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Currently, the London Councils' Freedom Pass offers similar travel perks, but residents can't qualify for that until they are older, as eligibility for the pass is linked to the state pension age. Share via Email Overs can travel for free anywhere in London with their Oyster photocard.

Translink, and some other, smaller, transport operators also offer half-fare travel for children and young people up until 30 June following their 16th birthday. If visiting with older children from outside London, you have a choice. Conditions such as Parkinson's Disease that impede your mobility entitle you to free bus travel.

The NCT certificate is only valid where the applicant is 16yrs and over the earliest date they can apply for a provisional licence. In the rest of England, you are entitled to free off-peak travel 9. For further information, please check with your local authority.

If you have been deaf since birth, a letter from your GP confirming this is fine too. Free passes would also encourage operators to provide more and better services which would encourage more people to use public transport, cut congestion and reduce pollution, he said.

By Rob Golledge Transport Published: The new network is colour coded and the colours of routes are displayed on the network map and on timetables, the buses themselves are being route branded to match these colours.