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Examples are static prevention kits, cable guards and conduit, scale bumpers, ramps or anchor kits, anti-theft devices and indicator mounting assemblies.

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Written reports listing the condition of the equipment, suggested repairs, and or modifications to the operation or environment of the equipment.

Although hiring allows you to acquire equipment you require today without a large upfront cash outlay, many customers like to have the option of owning their equipment.

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NIST traceable certified test weights are applied to all corners or load points of the unit and readings are recorded. After any installation, we calibrate the scale using NIST certified traceable weights and place the equipment into service with Weights and Measures if required.

The weighing instrument should be at a horizontal level, especially for small and accurate weighing instruments.

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We own over 25 rental floor scales and indicators that vary in capacity. Correctly calibrating your weighing scale is key to ensuring that your results are accurate and to providing peace of mind.

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Deck, Suspension, Instrumentation will be performed and all findings will be noted. Repeat Step 3 a few more times.

Scale Servicing, Repairs, Calibrations & Hire

Other tests There are also some other tests specified in the standards, although these are typically not done during a normal calibration, but can be done as a type of approval test or in the initial verification.

The white paper discusses following additional subjects: Consider using a gallon of water, which always weighs in at 8 lbs.

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This means that when you increase the load, you must approach each test point with increasing weight. QSU will provide a contractor that can do that too! In most cases, we can make the repairs during the same day because our utility and test trucks arrive stocked with tools, parts, and NIST traceable certified test weights.

Any variances in readings will be adjusted and minor adjustments may be made to bring the scale to within tolerances of NIST Handbook 44 standards.