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Clark Johnsonwho plays newspaper editor Gus directed both the pilot and the last episode of the show.

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We know about 3 Goofs. I could go on and on - is just outstanding. Although it is very entertaining, this isn't just entertainment; this is art, pure and simple - and the concept of this show was groundbreaking.

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The Baltimore police department rarely gives shift changes until the next fiscal year. Here comes one of them: His near-photographic memory and ability to blend into the scene made him one of the best in the city.

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The character of "Bubbles", played by Andre Royowas largely based on a real Baltimore drug addict and police informant who went by that name. Many of the minor characters are played by real-life police officers, politicians and former criminals.

He also suffered with an identity crisis and severe anxiety due to his popularity as Omar.

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While filming, Andre Royo was once approached by a Baltimore resident, who handed him a package of heroin and said he looked like he needed a fix. Continuity Throughout the series some Officers are shown on both the day, evening and Night shifts in a short period of time, some even within the same day.

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On par with 'Generation Kill' no wonder, since the same creative team was behind boththis is as good as television gets. Royo calls this his "street Oscar. Eventually he would start using the hat method portrayed on the series, where he acted as if he was selling hats and would place one of a certain color on the head of those the police should arrest.

He never missed a day of work nor was he ever late.

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On the surface, one might think this is a show about crime, but really, 'The Wire' is about the life and soul of a whole city. This isn't just a show about crime - this tries to show every aspect of life in a crumbling society 12 January by gogoschka-1 — See all my reviews Along with TV-shows like 'Oz', 'Deadwood', 'The Sopranos' and 'Six Feet Under', David Simon's 'The Wire' was part of a revolution - qualitywise - in television.

Every aspect of the city of Baltimore gets its share of screen time, and the way this is done - the writing, the direction, the amazing performances by the terrific cast; the music, the camera work, the realism

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