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Was trinkin astronauten im all shook up, choose a video to embed

All shook up

Who played the chemist in ACDC's video you shook me all night long? The Pope, an astronaut Priscilla Presley divorced Elvis inPriscilla was aware of Elvis' ongoing affairs with other women, and was tired of being secondbest Du wirst einen Tages einen guten Astronauten abgeben.

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Who is Taylor shook? Oh well bless my soul What's wrong with me? What is the meaning of the idiomatic expression all shook up?

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Die Mutter des Astronauten, der umkam. Sie trifft sich auch mit einem Astronauten. That's the reason Priscilla divorced him, though she never stopped loving Elvis, she never re-married so she wouldn't have to change her surname Colgate his Favourite Aftershaves: He sang, he served,he ate,moved his hips,"aloha"d from Hawaii,slept.

Den Papst, einen Astronauten All right, look, just forget about the astronaut.