Harry Styles tells Rolling Stone: Dating Taylor Swift wasn’t ‘normal’ Harry Styles tells Rolling Stone: Dating Taylor Swift wasn’t ‘normal’

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With the pair spotted coming and going from hotels in New York together, Swift and Styles spent some time apart Wednesday he was in NYC while she was in Nashville to announce the Grammy nominations. I have seen a lot on instagram about it and my magazine says they are.

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It really is a great series and I bet you that she read it. What style of music does Taylor Swift use? I am almost positive that they are,but it does not seem like Taylor likes him much.

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I honestly don't think they look good together. Its weird how some people just automatically think that, for example, 2 people are holding hands, that they are in a relationship.

Are Taylor Swift and harry styles dating? They would be if they get together but harry styles likes taylor swift as a friend 2 people found this useful Does Taylor Swift have a southern style? When describing "Little Things," Sheeran said it "is kind of a very sweet song.

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It was written about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn't expect. What Style is Taylor Swifts hair? The twosome will be back in the Big Apple on Friday, when they're both scheduled to perform during Z's Jingle Ball.

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So when the Grammy-nominated Sheeran stopped by Katie Couric's talk show on Wednesday afternoon, she wanted to know if he had any inside knowledge about the rumored budding romance.

Why would you ask the public if Taylor Swift read Harry Potter? Given that he so frequently helps write tracks for these two artists, he might want to take notes on their current relationship.

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With a grin on his face, he told Couric, "I mean, the papers are saying it. Some say she's country, some say she's country pop, and some say she's simply pop with a bit of Southern twang.

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