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Alright, head back to checkpoint 1 where you got T2. The standart Warcraft 3 Battle. To make the 60k orb item you need the Frog Orb, the 1.

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The Warcraft 3 Battle. Warcraft 3 Dota Maps: Warcraft 3 maps always have been about fun and creativity!

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T3 - You need level while having a T2 character. Once you get those go to the last checkpoint with the voodoo lounge.

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You'll get the sheeps head. It is a written story line, which you play along to accomplish quests and to find out what the story is about!

Warcraft 3 Escape and Fun Maps: Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Because Warcraft 3 has so many anime and manga fans, a lot of very cool amime Warcraft 3 maps have been created. Yes, a very fun game.

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This is just awesome and impressive to play! We try to only offer you the best Warcraft 3 maps! Now the last step is getting the black book ONCE again from the dino x. These type of games often have a high playtime requirement.

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To get that you need to get one wolf item, 10 DULL coins from the dinos, the stat item[sheeps head]. The actual maps are really varied and provide the most fun ever, it is of course the best map pool we ever had in the Warcraft 3 lifetime!

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