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Stillness and peace weave their spells upon the respectful traveler. The SQlab active technology allows the saddle to follow the biomechanical motion when pedalling resulting in increased comfort, mobilisation of the spinal discs and reduced pressure to the sitbones.

Find out more about current conditions. No matter your comfort level and experience, there are plenty of walking and hiking options in the redwoods. These trails are not wheelchair accessible.

Which Trail To Choose? All Mountain, Enduro Sizes: The padding was designed for the specific needs on the MTB with better dampening properties than the making it perfect for rough off-road terrain. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park.

Walks and Hikes

The lowered nose in combination with the dip provides optimal pressure relief for the perineal area. Planning Your Walk or Hike We truely believe any trail in old-growth redwooods is "the best trail". Finding the right trail for you depends on which areas you plan go to, and how you want to experience the parks.