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For real gamers who like puzzle games, nothing is impossible. In the Impossible Quiz, click on the 42nd "42" underneath the question.

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Seriously, Impossible Quiz is going to be a tough road for you! Share site with friends: Use all seven skips [At this point, you should not use ANY skips] How do you do question 59 on the impossible quiz?

The 2nd "That one" The second answer is pointing to the third box, which was the last question's answer.

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Avoid the asteriods, and look out for the shooting star which goes across the bottom of the screen. Using its anus as in what makes the dog smell bad GO TO 28 Question Click the 'Next Question' sign when the traffic lights turn green.

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Click the arrow right-clicking whacks you in the head Question Stroke the cat with the mouse until the bar fills up. The last 10 are "the epic A walk because a fly without wings can't fly, therefore making it a walk

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