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Whoever these two entities are they seem to dress in long black robes and appear together. After analyzing altitude, air humidity, elevation, temperature and prevailing winds doctor chose this location for his sanatorium.

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Sanatorium was intended to treat tuberculosis that was a deadly disease in the beginning of the twentieth century. He was a prominent figure in the history of Costa Rica.

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Doctor Carlos Duran had an additional reason to find a cure. His daughter was stricken by the "white disease" as it was known at the time. Was she a sick daughter of doctor Carlos Duran?

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It was believed that isolation patients in an area with plenty of fresh air will cure the disease. This medical complex was closed in There is no identity or a name of a nun or her mysterious companion.

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When she was alive she frequently visited the beds of the sick patients in the last stages of their lives. Another story that circulates around the Sanatorium of Carlos Duran is presence of two mysterious figures that are frequently seen at the the top floors of the complex. Some eye witnesses claim that they see a ghost of a nun that once lived here and was rumoured to have ability to heal people.

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Occasionally she is seen in a company of a young girl who walks along her side.