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Venture capital financing in bangalore dating. Venture capital financing a

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The financial institutions provide venture capital to their customers not as a mere financial assistance but more as a package deal which includes assistance in management, marketing, technical and others.

A core group of 10 - 15 individuals worked hard to establish the organisation.

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The nation awaits for the burgeoning VC business in India inspite of the existing shortcomings in the Indian infrastructure. Hot mail dot com.

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The event is to take place in November and we are already getting fantastic responses. The borrowing concerns will be more keen to become self dependent and will take necessary measures to repay the loan. The Chairman of the company, Mr.

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The implication is to obtain adequate financing along with the necessary hi-tech equipments to produce an innovative product which can succeed and grow in the present market condition. The rate of return also depends upon the stage of the business cycle where funds are being deployed.

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Realistic Financial Requirement and Projections: Thus, the investments made by Venture Capitalists generally involves - - Financing new and rapidly growing companies.

In the process they strengthen the capital market also. Brings out latent talent: Modern technology will be put to use in the country when financial institutions encourage business ventures with new technology.

Companies are required to be super efficient with respect to cost, productivity, labour efficiency, technical back up, flexibility to consumer demand, adaptability and foresightedness.

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This stage is met when the firm crosses the break even point. By promoting new entrepreneurs and by reviving sick units, a fillip is given to the economic growth.


This is expected to give a strong boost to the non resident Indians located in the Silicon valley and elsewhere to invest some of their capital, knowledge and enterprise in these ventures.