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Validating others feelings or others feelings, validation

Your daughter is upset because her husband cut up her credit card.

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This is a list of some fears or barriers others have noted in their attempts to validate: It is a construct of multiple components, each of which is associated with its own brain network. Interested in reading more or commenting? This might provide future insights into how people become desensitised to violence or why some people feel more or less guilty about harming others.

What is an Emotional Connection? | The Importance of Empathy and Validating Feelings

We all know how to validate someone with whom we agree. In war it might be beneficial to feel less empathy for people who you are trying to kill, especially if they are also trying to harm you.

While ignoring, minimizing, name-calling, and blaming are clearly invalidating, subtle things like facial expressions, body language, and word choices can be equally damaging.

Your site was third in the search list. A person who has a bad back has difficulty sitting for long periods of time. In fact, psychopathy is enabled by good cognitive empathic abilities - you need to understand what your victim is feeling when you are torturing them.

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