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Valentina De Angelis

Valentina grew up in New Mponline tinder dating site City and started modeling at the ripe age of six. How did you get your start?

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And you just fell in love with acting? You need to go to school, need to get an education, but may not be in school all the time, might be there for a month, two months, might be there for the whole time, who knows.

That's the image I had in my head of what going to PCS would be like but it really is a school that's made for people just like me. Try it out and see if I like it and I loved it, but what I eventually met somebody who was doing film and television, doing commercials and voiceovers and I found that intriguing and liked that more, so eventually gave up the whole modeling thing, plus it wouldn't have worked out anyway I'm like 5'3".

They have the flexibility that other schools don't. I think I was very lucky and very fortunate and didn't even realize it at the time because I was just doing what I liked and I was having fun and it didn't matter and there was no pressure involved in like 'oh, I have to make something of myself, I have to make money, I have to make a living.

If that means having to get somewhere emotionally in five minutes, you got to do it! I started gaining momentum, I started gaining confidence and the more my confidence grew the more jobs I started booking.

It's kind of like whether or not I was making money or not, I would have to still be doing the same thing.

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I grew up in the City and I initially started out in modeling when I was very young. You put so much pressure on yourself.

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The more comfortable I am the more confident I am. My cousin was into it and I was like 'oh, I want to do it too. Initially when I was looking at high schools I didn't want to go to school with other actors, I didn't want the competitiveness, I didn't want the cattiness.

Confidence breeds success and success breeds confidence. She transitioned into acting on a fluke. An actress, writer, singer and current University student, Valentina might have recently caught your eye on an episode of "CSI: Everything was kind of a trial and error type thing.