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Soon, the people's hopes returned. A side to side comparison of Toriel committing suicide right and Toriel being killed left.

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When Flowey tries to kill the protagonist, Toriel is the first monster to intervene, using her fire magic to block Flowey's bullets. Calling her with the Annoying Dog in the inventory causes ringing in the protagonist's inventory, implying that it stole and ate her phone.

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I will not stop you. Toriel forcing the player to fight her. When attempting to name the fallen human "Toriel," the response is: This may come as a surprise to you Toriel once wore a flower-patterned muu-muu; other monsters complimented her by saying "nice muu-muu," but she assumed everyone was calling her a cow and never wore it again.

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She explains the motive of her arrival was the realization that the protagonist would have to take a life to leave and that she had been trying to prevent such a thing from the beginning.

If you go beyond this door, Keep walking as far as you can.

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Toriel's reaction if the protagonist kills her after she is spared thirteen times. If the protagonist spares her, she lets them leave the Ruins, but not before giving them a parting hug.

If the protagonist spares Toriel, she can be found by the flowerbed where the protagonist initially awoke.

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If you had said that earlier, none of this would have happened.