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This history stirs jealousy in Usagi in later seasons. Does he have a job and income? But Tuxedo Mask's creator had her reasons. Sailor Moon awakens, thanks to her friends, and teleports her and Tuxedo Mask out of Metaria.


He also wears white gloves and a white mask that covers his eyes; at times the mask seems to cover his eyes and other times the mask is merely an outline, leaving his eyes visible. And her crying only halts the monster, not stops it. They have a Karaoke party, which is a good idea since they have free unlimited access to a magical room at Karaoke Crown which seems to exist outside of space.

As both Prince Endymion and Moonlight Knight, he uses real swords of different styles.

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Or Much Ado about Nothing. But when he senses Sailor Moon is in trouble he can seemingly teleport to her location. Last we checked his name wasn't Darien and he didn't walk around in a tux flinging roses.

They are interrupted when Princess D becomes possessed by Nephrite's Soul Shadow and attacks the ball, trying to steal the treasure.

When Usagi wished to be a normal girl at the end of the 90s depiction of the "Dark Kingdom" arc, Mamoru was included with the Sailor Guardians' memories being magically sealed to resume civilian lives.

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Being killed by Beryl when she attempted to kill Serenity [26]the 90s anime depicting his death with the princess committed by Metaria herself [27]Prince Endymion in reincarnated in the 20th century as Mamoru Chiba.