Trailer hook up assist, don’t be afraid to back up with vw trailer assist

Most people just have someone spot them and give directions from behind. All of these products come with real-life reviews from customers saying the process is now a breeze. All of these systems do work with most any trailer, and each one of these products are designed so that a trailer can be hitched by just one person.

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When it comes to the actual function of the product though, reviews are stellar, with users mentioning over and over again how easy hitching their trailer is with this setup.

Final Verdict Do trailer hitch assist products really work? One downside to this mirror is that you need to be backing straight in to your trailer. Installation should only take you a few minutes, with the universal bracket and mounting hardware included.

One real world tester actually tried this system out with his wife driving his wife who had never previously hitched their trailer. Installation of this device is simple, with no wire splicing needed.

How install wiring system for trailer hook up

Fortunately, there are a number of products on the market that are designed to assist with hitching your trailer. All of these products claim to make hitching your trailer a breeze, but which ones can back up their claims? This product modifies that idea a little bit, with the addition of brightly colored balls on top to help you gauge distance.

Overall, it seems like this system is a winner. The only complaint that people have seems to be with the actual construction of the product itself, as a few of these units have just stopped working after a few months.

One post attaches to the trailer, one to the hitch, and you just maneuver until they meet. The mirror is designed to be a little convex, giving you a wider angle of view. With most backup camerasthere is one small downside: Sounds simple in principle, but does it work?