Korean idols vote for who amongst them is the best of the best Korean idols vote for who amongst them is the best of the best

Top 100 korean idols dating, who is the best kpop male idol?

He is the lead dancer and lead rapper of the group. Of course, his talent, along with his band mates made the group internationally successful. Boa Boa is undoubtedly one such K-pop artist who requires no introduction as she is still considered as one of the best and most productive K pop artists of all.

He is recognized in the group as the 'most fashionable' one, and is noted for his constantly changing image and tight control over his artistry and has strongly opposed the idea of singers as "products" of the entertainment industry.

Who would've thought that behind the stage, he is a funny, bright, cheerful, and childlike person? Koreans are a particular type. She is also quite popular for having debuted with the solo track hopeless love.

He might be the youngest among the members of the group, but it doesn't mean that his talent is inferior to the older members. He originally wanted to become a model, but the judges suggested he try dancing and singing. I found out that his group SS sang one of the song in the show so I researched the band and fell in love with them.

He can act, dance, sing, entertain and most important of all respect his fans Many BTS fans like and love him because of his super cute habits off stage.

Korean idols and actors make the 'Top 100 Most Beautiful/Handsome Faces of 2016'

He then joined the boy group, 2PM, and it made a huge success with their music. Soyou One of the most interesting K-pop stars in the world is soyou who was born as Kang Ji Hyun before she chose this extraordinary stage name.

Thanks to this, he is confirmed to be starring as the male lead in the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie Catman.

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Extraordinary Discography is something that almost anybody would want to have as it consists of about 17 Studio albums, 6 compilation albums, 5 extended place and great number of singles which have made her a very popular K-pop Star. Share your thoughts below! She is one of the best examples of a flexible and versatile K-pop stars especially because she is known for wide variety of talents that she has.