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Throat plate for singer featherweight dating, add your answer

Machines in good condition can still be found at bargain prices in garage sales and auction houses. You can also use Quilting needles.

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I suggest cleaning and oiling your machine every time you get it out to use - and a professional service by a technician every 2 years minimum, just like servicing your car. If you have skipping or broken threads, try a new needle inserted properly.

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Skipping Stitches Needle not correctly or accurately set into the needle bar, blunt, or bent. The newer cases have a built-in side shelf for accessories and bobbins, and a place for the foot pedal on the inside of the case cover.

To increase tension on the top side of your stitching lower the top tension a little at a time until the tension balances.

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The predominant finish on the is a shiny black. If the loop is on the under side, it may usually be corrected by tightening the upper tension. Most Featherweights have one of a few standard designs of an oval gold seal reading "Singer Manufacturing Company.

While many existing machines were well-loved and thus well-used, Featherweights are by no means rare.

Singer Featherweight

The highest-priced machines are in good condition with little wear on the gold leaf, complete with case, attachments, and original manual. The rumored mint-green Featherweight is apparently an alternate description of the white machine, which can have a slightly greenish cast.

The K has a removable-bed extension, for use when sewing pant legs and shirt sleeves, and weighs in about 2 lbs more than the model