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But Dr Gelman believes there is hope as Mr Bowd's growth is still small enough to be treated.

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This is a disorder that is best treated with surgery to remove the mass of tissue. In many cases, patients report that they were previously seen by a number of doctors, advised to lose weight and scheduled for various X-Ray tests, but not offered treatment.

After months of tests and examinations he was diagnosed with scrotal lymphedema. In some cases, skin grafting may be required.

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He underwent a succesful hour operation to remove the growth. This condition is also referred to as scrotal elephantiasis, and is often seen in obese men. Patients referred with this condition have scrotums so large that the sheer size interferes with walking.

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Eventually, the skin of the scrotum becomes very bumpy and irregular and the penis becomes buried within the tissue.

This is a disease that is caused by blockage of the lymphatic vessels meaning they do not drain properly. We just want Tyrone to get better.

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As a result, tissue builds up outside of the testicles, resulting in swelling. Two years ago, his mother responded to a call for help when her son was in the shower.

Tyrone Bowd with a watermelon-sized scrotum is now desperate for surgery

The scrotum has reached below his knees now. For several months, doctors remained baffled by the condition and his scrotum continued to grow.

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It bangs around on the back of his calves when he's trying to walk Mr Bowd's mother, Tanya 'His pants were no longer fitting, we went from one size to the next to the next - we had to look for bigger shorts and bigger trousers,' Mrs Bowd said.

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But following the life-changing surgery, the couple have been able to resume sexual relations. We want our Tyrone back.

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