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When women speak, they often change levels in pitch and volume and infuse more emotion into their speech then men.

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In ancient times, mirroring would have created group cohesion and identity. A man will stand taller, expand his chest and look more powerful and dominant, while the woman will tilt her head, and touch her hair while exposing her wrists. Research has also shown that people can accurately decode distinct emotions by merely watching others communicate via touch.

The genitals are tied to our emotional state and when we feel insecure or submissive we cower to protect them. Hall suggested that "physical contact between two people There are two levels of communication that occur in any interaction: What appears to be going on is that her mind IS somewhere else.

Restlessness Have you ever experienced the restless date? It can speak volumes. What can be said about the language of their bodies? Without catching the changes, body language loses its ability to indicate exactly what is going on.

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Not so, if you learn to speak the non-verbal language of process. The intuitive feature of body language used in teaching is the exemplification of the language, especially individual words, through the use of matching body language.

The expression of shame includes the hiding of the face, either by turning it down or covering it with the hands.