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Further, the constant emphasis on sexual sins in the Testaments would admirably suit an Essenic origin for the work. With these Beliar Satan has intermingled seven spirits of error, which are these: A small related fragment was also found in cave 1 1Q Thus the period of composition lies betweenwhen jonathan the Maccabee assumed the high-priesthood, and the year of the breach of John Hyrcanus with the Pharisees; some time, therefore, between and Forgiveness here is seen as the restoration of the offending party to full communion and fellowship with the offended party.

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The Maccabean dynasty had now reached the zenith of its prosperity, and in its reigning representative, who alone in the history of Judaism possessed the triple offices of prophet, priest and king, the Pharisaic party had come to recognize the actual Messiah.

In his testament, Reuben chiefly mourns over the sin which he committed with Bilhah Gen An attempt to estimate their Historic and Dogmatic Worth, Cambridge But it is believed that sins are blotted out through the priesthood, though how this is exercised is not distinctly stated.

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It is possible that only T. He admonishes his children to upright living and in particular he denounces covetousness, drunkenness and fornication.

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Therefore, then I say unto you, ye will be jealous against the sons of Levi, and will seek to be exalted 6 over them; but ye shall not be able. And he shall be inscribed in the holy books, both his work and his word, and he shall be a chosen one of God for ever; and because of him my father Jacob instructed me saying, He shall fill up that which lacketh of thy tribe.

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And as I was 6 stripping off his breastplate, behold nine men his companions began to fight with me. It is likely that the author wished to cover the topic of fornication anyway, and assigned it for Reuben to discuss due to Reuben's relationship with Bilhah being recounted in the canonical Bible.

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