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Marvin the Martian — voiced by Rob Paulsen Once comes to Earth on vacation, glad his plans to destroy it failed. Taz is then about to eat him, but lets the bird go after Axl and Bull try to kidnap Taz.

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His personality closely resembles that of Woody Allen. He works as a bellhop at the Hotel Tazmania. They vaguely resemble Laurel and Hardy.

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His later appearances suggest he was promoted to the show's producer after he was considered to be an unlikable character on the show proper, and he later attempts to direct an episode featuring Bull and Axl — with catastrophic results.

He expresses surprise that Taz has his own show by asking "Ain't you retired yet? Ironically, his friendly nature was previously used by Bugs in 's " Spaced Out Bunny ".

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He resembles Wile E. A pair of episodes deals with their obsession with the prime-time cartoon "The McKimsons", a Simpsons parody featuring a character who constantly shouts "No way, I'm out of here, man! Road Runner — He makes a cameo appearance in the show and is caught by Taz.

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He was established early in the show but was seemingly ill-received, reflected in several fourth wall-breaking moments by the show's characters. Typically in the form of a mallet smashing.

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