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It's this kind of big data that has become most controversial. Data from local governments, for example, can help citizens participate in local budgeting, choose healthcare, analyse the quality of local services, or build apps that help people navigate public transport.

Share via Email Not all big, open data comes from government, such as scientists' research in astronomy. Both big data and open data can transform business, government, and society — and a combination of the two is especially potent.

More and more scientists are sharing their research in astronomy, genomics, and other areas in a new, collaborative research model.

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Government agencies have the capacity and funds to gather very large amounts of data such as the US examples in section sixand opening up those datasets can have major economic benefits.

Joel Gurin This Venn diagram maps the relationship between big data and open data, and how they relate to the broad concept of open government. Big data gives us unprecedented power to understand, analyse, and ultimately change the world we live in. There are a few important points to note.

But, when the government turns big data into open data, it's especially powerful: Open data doesn't have to be big data to matter: All definitions of open data include two basic features: Big data that's not open is not democratic: Open data should also be relatively easy to use, although there are gradations of "openness".

Big data is the term used to describe very large, complex, rapidly-changing datasets. We've found examples of US-based companies that are building their businesses on open government data, and much of that data is big data as well. If we knew more, we could control more.

He is author of Open Data Now. This is shown in section three.