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First lets talk about the exercises. Reviewed by 30 customers. After using it daily i noticed that it got easier to do.

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A great work out is TaeBo Extreme, it kicked my butt, but I guess it is suppose to and I enjoy that after workout feeling. Tae Bo Instructional is a tough workout that gives great results Tae Bo Instructional at first seems like it would be to tough to do.

I have done it in the past paired with a diet of mostly vegetables, fruits and grilled chicken and lost 40lbs.

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He does a lot of different series of kicks and knee ups throughout the movies that really work your legs well. I fell off the wagon. After 2 months I am still trying to keep up posted May 14th, 2: I do also add crunches with the exercise ball and push ups to tone my arms, but other than that tae bo is my choice of workout!

Tae Bo: Original - Instructional & Basic

I also like that he combines some of the exercises into a series of moves. We are military and have been constantly moving for the past couple of years and I packed the pounds bag on.

If you can't make it, console yourself by spotting the poor individuals who can't keep up in the back row of the Blanks session and that's before the seven-minute warm up's even over.

As the man says, if you want to get those Speedos on in the summer, squeeze those butts.

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It makes it less monotonous and you don't get tired as fast. He is constantly saying motivational stuff that is frankly sometimes pretty weird.

Now we have been in one spot for a little bit and I started again Jan.

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There are a zillion out there. He does a ton Again, the repetition makes this a good cardiovascular and muscle training video.