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Elizabeth wanted Susan Ross to run for President because the American people like her and because Elizabeth wants to get into the Oval office.

Olivia revealed that David had released prisoners to make Senator Louise Baker endorse Susan for President - David insisted that he done it out of love but Susan could not forgive him again and dumped him; officially this time.

DizzieBear David bought Elizabeth a bracelet for the holidays but she didn't want it, so when Susan went to see him in his office he gave it to her instead.

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In press materials for the first Ball, which was held as a campaign fundraiser for Abolafia, he was claimed to have coined the phrase, " Make love, not war! Louis Abolafia February 23, — October 30, [1] was an artist, social activist, and folk figure. Elizabeth told David and Susan to stay together to make the American people think that they were a successful couple, it worked; David and Susan fell back in love with each other and David promised never to hurt her again.

Susan Abolafya

Susan gave Elizabeth a scarf as a holiday present and Elizabeth noticed the bracelet on Susan's hand. She wanted to quit but David managed to change her mind. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadathe founder of the Hare Krishna movement. He was a long-time resident of the Lower East Sidewhere he sheltered wayward youths and other transients in his storefront studio in the East Village.

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The Love Triangle Main article: Jump to navigation Jump to search Louis Abafolia holding a campaign-related sign during his run for the United States Presidency.

His candidacy for President of the United States under the Nudist Party [2] on the Hippie 'Love Ticket' various times in the s and onward was a form of political theater or performance art. He "ran" against Richard Nixon in as the naked Hippie "love candidate" with the slogan: David soon found himself falling in love and sleeping with Susan Ross, just like Elizabeth told him too but this time it was for real - David loved Susan so much that he proposed to her; Susan said yes but later said no because David lied to her; he said he wasn't sleeping with anyone else but he was sleeping with Elizabeth as well even though Susan didn't know who it was.

In this capacity, he organized "love-ins" and "happenings" that combined music, poetry and audience participation, inspiring the New York press to crown him "The Love King".

After a heart-to-heart and a quick make-out session with David, Susan finally agreed to run for President; thanks to David calling her a "Warrior".