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Other notable accomplishments of this period include the shift of the top-of-the-line model from the traditional Twin-Amp to include other models, like the Vibrasonic Amp in earlyas well as the blonde Showman Amp in The first Silverface amps, manufactured between andhad an aluminum frame trim, known as a "drip edge" around the grillcloth, mids "tailed" amp logo and the AB blackface circuit.

Seth Lover, the legendary designer of the Gibson "P. The amplifiers were mainly designed by Robert "Bob" Rissi, Sawa Jacobson and Paul Spranger, who came up with the novel idea of making a heatsink to operate like a chimney to achieve increased and non-restricted airflow.

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A master volume knob and a pull-out "boost" pot were added on some amplifiers, followed by ultralinear output transformers and a "scripted tailless" amp decal featuring a "Made in USA" script in the bottom in ; the power was increased between 70 and watts on certain models.

The Blonde amplifiers included all of the piggyback Fender amps the TremoluxBassmanShowmanand Bandmaster as well as the Twin and Vibrasonic combos. There were only six amplifiers covered in tolex originally, and they were called the Professional Series: All of them had a black control panel and traditional knobs, but they no longer featured the Blackface-style lettering to depict the model name and the traditional control panel layout was partially redesigned.

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Fender made a limited-edition Mini-Twin practice amplifier modeled after the mids Twin Reverb models in The shift from the tweed design to tolex occurred in limited production in He was granted patents for both accounts.

Silverface cosmetics do not necessarily denote silverface circuitry, however.

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The circuit was also changed to include a tremolo effect, and the output was increased. This has the benefit of providing ease of access to the inside while providing a strong top.

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Design-wise the tube amplifiers were quite different from their predecessors, as the active tone controls and blending distortion circuit had been removed and the latter feature replaced by a crude version of the channel switching concept.