The Silvae of Statius The Silvae of Statius

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From boyhood to adulthood, Statius' father proved himself a champion in the poetic contests at Naples in the Augustalia and in the NemeanPythianand Isthmian games, which served as important events to display poetic skill during the early empire. In the capital, Statius seems to have made many connections among the Roman aristocracy and court, and he was probably supported through their patronage.

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The text of the Silvae does not seem to have circulated in Italy beforewhen Poggio finally settled in Italy for good. The army meets Hypsipyle who shows them a spring then tells them the story of the Women of Lemnos Book 5.

Statius' Silvae

Keywords in the original language: The Allegory of Love pp. In Book 2, Tydeus goes to Eteocles to ask him to lay down the throne and yield power, but he refuses and tries to kill Tydeus with an ambush.

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It no longer contains Silius. Fraternal warfare, and alternate reigns fought for in unnatural hate.

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A just fortune awaits the deserving. He seems to have taken an interest in the marriage and career of his stepdaughter and he also took a young slave boy under his wing, as he was childless, who died c.

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In 10, Juno causes sleep to overcome the Thebans and the Argives slaughter many in the camp; Menoeceus sacrifices himself to save Thebes and Jupiter kills the wicked Capaneus with a thunderbolt.

In existence is a poem he addressed to his wife, Claudia, the widow of a famous singer who had a musically talented daughter by her first husband, on this occasion Silv.

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Blind counsels of the wicked! A Study in the Dynamics of a Tradition Cambridge, Black night that no ray can pierce comes ever denser from earth, veiling the heavens.

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