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The only true purpose in putting Jango in the film is to have a Boba Fett-like character around to get in a fight with a Jedi.

Across the Stars Love Theme from "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones" Single

This movie he gets his arm cut off. Traditionalist may balk at the completely CG Yoda but I thought they did an excellent job, finally giving the character much more to do besides sitting cross-legged and dispensing grammatically questionable advice.

Also released in series one were larger figures called "Battle Masters" which have a greater point value than their other counterparts.

And then we have more pointless symmetry. Just like McGregor did when filming The Phantom Menace, Christensen had to be stopped making his own lightsaber noises when filming scenes with them.

You are in my very soul, tormenting me. While receiving plenty of criticism when it first emerged, The Phantom Menace is actually not that bad in hindsight. The weapon, similar to a spear, jumps out of the barrel, just far enough to make contact with another figure but never leaves the barrel.

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Which brings me to my most anger-making question: You go, deadly handsome man. Series Two was released in the fall of and featured a mix of characters from the old and new trilogies of Star Wars movies.

However, none of the prequel trilogy ever matched the wonder of the original trilogy. The out-and-out firefight tells us nothing.

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I'm afraid we're smarter than that, George! Not better, but understandable. Like the whole droid factory mess, which may be one of the most boring action sequences in any science fiction film ever.

Without knowing, it seems as though the Kaminoans have been hammering away at that army for ten years without ever checking in with a Republic representative, which is not how business is done, period.

Seriously, that show is a gift, and works so hard to show the machinations going on across the galaxy. It begins when he decides to fall in love with the woman of his dreams, against the commandments of the Jedi Order.