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People come up to him niewinny flirt melanie milburne the marcolini the time seeking his favor and for thirty years nothing of this is heard of as a legal event, but heard as the recreational drug crowd seeking its own.

Dinner for two would be awesome. The word of God says to put the witch to death, do not suffer them, and unfortunately we just see the pity party in America by soy-boys, such as yourself, who feels sad at everything believing that you are entitled to judge people that you don't know with immunity in your safe fortresses spacesinstead of asserting proper timely authority and having a moral code before Jesus Christ.

Improve is her best craft she is beautiful and very smart. Has nothng to do with rich and famous, and its not bound to money and opportunity, you will find the same crap and silence for decades with all people in every industry or social group, the only difference is that idiots like you only notice and remember whats written in big letters with pictures about famous people in the popular press.

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You are an idiot who doesnt understand social conduct and pressure when dealing with bad behaviour, done by people in positions of power, and how this has changed only recently.

I see it, Christians are named evil for claiming that you shall put away your sexual activities where God only approves of marriage or abstinence, and you should get married between man and woman; the Christ-way is openly scandalized as evil oppressors in a claimed age of sexual enlightenment, and told to mind their own business.

And this married BS, are you high? In the double standard, look at what happens, someone had sexual congress this is the legal term in many states of the Unionand it is the most evil event that is brought up to put dirt on someone thirty years later, and this is hatred.

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What happened is the depressed prostitutes came out and attacked him years later with every lie, when all they claim is they suffer because men exist while they went to Hollywood stars to meet and greet them, because women are objects of suffering, because the evidence of the event is long gone and left to fantasies, dreams, and illusions, and they did this because they wanted more from him.

It is not rape when they don't call the police, and it is perjury to claim it after a year, because the prostitute didn't get enough money or compensation and decided that it was more than bad sex; therefore, making Cosby a victim for being successful in Hollywood as one of its top stars.

I saw the only black man at the Oscars' on stage back in the s and his racist enemies found a way to get him for his success, and now he is in prison for being a famous star in a wild conspiracy and smear campaign that should make people shun everybody who fed Bill Cosby to the killer lawman to punish him for being famous and black.

In morality, Cosby did no wrong, because law is an adversary system America is an adversary system of competition, we expect people to not like youand you are required to make the timely complaint, and he was fed to an unjust, unlawful inquisition of how popular he is today compared to his success in the past.

But i guess according to moron logic those also have not spoken out for decades because they were after fortune and many years later then smelled a change to profit from scandals, right? What I saw, Bill Cosby did not date with Christian ethics, and he found the wild, loose women seeking his favor who are practicing pagans, and they knowingly did this they are not prisoners.

All thirty-five woman on the cover of New York magazine claiming sex with Bill Cosby decades ago are practicing witchcraft, that is to intimidate and manipulate and dominate Cosby to control him and his financial future.

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Her humour is unique and she can laugh at herself. I've met women like Her!! The duty of women is to scream, "rape," and run to police authorities when in the country, and this is not what happened:

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