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One is the set of complete circles whose centers lie on the straight line and the other one is the set of two arc circles which lie on the either sides of the straight line.

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The ratio of the voltage of reflected wave and the voltage of incident wave is known as the reflection coefficient. Before plotting on a Smith Chart we need to study a few terms such as transmission line, characteristic impedance, standing wave, etc. Bilateral matching is done with 2 port s parameter data.

Event Lines Mark the Important Events For time series data, place event lines to mark important events. But for hookup campus europa eyewear, just admire the Smith Chart and its curvy elegance. It has been my experience that good antennas are also very sensitive to their source impedance.

For example, a segment drawn as green, dark green, green, dark green, etc.

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Let's look at a few examples. Data can be plotted using line or scatter plots, events can be marked and parameter values at the event lines are automatically labeled. Recall that the complex reflection coefficient for an impedance ZL attached to a transmission line with characteristic impedance Z0 is given by: The following is a screen shot from a MathCAD file.

When you load your session file, all plots and curves are exactly where you left off. Smith Chart and Impedance Matching Table of Contents The Smith Chart is a fantastic tool for visualizing the impedance of a transmission line and antenna system as a function of frequency. The event handler for this button first reads the input from the text boxes and then looks if they are valid data.

The final results are the variables Z1opt and Z2opt. The outter ring of the Smith Chart is where the magnitude of is equal to 1. It is more typically the case that the load being matched to is much further out on the Smith Chart. DatPlot helps you to rapidly extract the critical information you seek from your data using scatter plots and line plots set up as strip charts.

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