SketchUP Plug-In Download: SketchyPhysics SketchUP Plug-In Download: SketchyPhysics

Sketchyphysics hinge dating, sketchy physics tutorial for beginners part 1

Nobody knows a use for this feature. The tools offered cover all the basic movements such as hinging, rotation, falling due to gravity, springs, motors, etc.

Currently the most recent version is available at code. Some of the drawbacks of this young and increasingly popular plugin is that it does have a learning curve. Negative values will mean that when touched, the hinge will not find resistance and will maintain its movement.

Click once to select the starting point of the cube. A great feature is that you can create a menu or controller to virtually control all your movements within your model.

Optional Click on the Box tool from the SketchyPhysics toolbar. Once the Play button is pressed, the simulation will begin.

Also SketchyPhysics is based off of real physics but does not allow you to really input specific forces and masses of objects. Sketchy Physics was credited to Chris Phillips as the creator but according to Google the project owners are DarthGak and danisla83and committer jim.


I give this plugin 4 out 5 stars. The name being self-explanatory, it can be set to allow an object attached to it to rotate a certain amount of degrees, or all the way around. This plugin also allows you to record movements for presentations.

There are so many topics to cover with Sketchy Physics, but I first want to start off with the basics. The object will start to spin with increasing acceleration until it breaks.