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Management of this procedure is executed by administration, upon your written email about the end.

We don't allow the image or video content which contains nakedness, sexually graphic material. Use of the site and Service and your interaction with those from women - participants completely on your own risk. If you have no credit card, you can report to us about it and declare the most convenient payment method.

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In case of disclosure of any fraud responsibility is accepted by the third - the person - a local bureau of acquaintances. We don't give guarantees or representations concerning any council, opinion, the statement or the other information loaded or distributed through the place from us of our partners or any participant or any other person or the enterprise.

Check the Dates Make sure you check and double check important dates, Briefing session and closing dates. Not signing in the correct places will deem your tender to be unresponsive.

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The administration of the site reserves the right to request additional information on the requirement and the proof of his acceptability. Forgetting to Sign Not signing the document is a common mistake, it shows that you have not read the tender, initial every page in the document and sign fully where asked, also remember to sign fully on the pricing schedule to show that you agree with the pricing.

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International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. You can decline mailing from us, on your personal page. Missing Information For example: Make sure that you send us the text of the message with his communication. SIGN UP While you're busy running your business, we'll help you grow it OnlineTenders brings tenders, business leads and new opportunities directly to you from all levels of government and private sector companies throughout South Africa and Africa.

We reserve the right to change rules of return at any time. Please, show discretion and common sense, using the site and Services.

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We can update this policy, from time to time. You are absolutely responsible for any transactions or agreements, either online or offline, between you and women - members of the site.

Your communication with ladies on this Site, are just at your own risk.