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Single girl swag notes about love, here’s how it works

When I hit high school, I was pretty much the same way. Only kidding, of course.

Love, swag notes, swag quotes, swaggirls

Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes Go ahead. And some awesome news for you, ladies, is God is working things out for you, too.

And one day it will all make perfect sense!

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In fact, while I spend send nights with my canine companion God is working things out for me. Just pray, and trust.

The one that won't end after two or three months, or be filled with meaningless arguments.

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I even have a tattoo of RENT lyrics on my left wrist. Back in middle school, I always "needed" a boyfriend. He is aligning each person, new and old, that He is going to introduce into my life and making sure everything is going as planned.

You know you want to! All around me, I see people jumping from relationship to relationship. And I smile, and I remember the younger me and the way I did that exact same thing. It's the greatest movie of all time.

Sing along with this post title. A different one every month, it seemed, and people who were so entirely different from me- it makes me giggle slash belly laugh hysterically knowing them now and thinking that we "dated" aka held hands in between first and second hour.

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