Woman films own abortion and puts it on YouTube - Video Dailymotion Woman films own abortion and puts it on YouTube - Video Dailymotion

Single girl films abortion, film exports/foreign sales :

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Aura's struggle to adjust to post-graduation life and the trials and tribulations of casual sex and dating is something that many of us can relate to. Latifah plays a humble store assistant, Georgia, who is told that she has a rare brain condition, Fox Searchlight Pictures It's a feeling many of us are acquainted with — heartbreak.

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Moral of the story: Her previous heartbreak is soon replaced with far more important concerns, like whether or not to continue the pregnancy, how to pay for an abortion, and whether or not she should tell the guy she slept with. It is a modern adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's There are usually a few common themes that always seem to pop up when addressing abortion; the female character will consider it and then not go through with it or they go through with it and are hit by bad karma, blame and condemnation from social judgement trolls.

How will we ever determine which movie about a loner woman is the best? The storyline focuses on Hope, who fell pregnant after being raped.

Then he drops the bombshell that he plans to marry Kimmy in four days' time. The film addresses the emotional complexity of the decision; from Donna's conversations with her own mother, to the eventual connection between her and Max.

Thankfully, there are actually some decent films out there that are empowering, moving and funny. I'm spending Valentine's Day alone and I'm super chill about it Sometimes there are a few twists and turns to this formula. It's a funny, heartwarming and relatable film about the reality of break ups and casual sex.

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Skeeter finally goes on a date with a guy, who ends up becoming her boyfriend. Oh and, don't have unprotected sex in a pipe on a construction site.

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Julianne is wildly jealous and realises she might actually want to be with him after all. Maybe don't try to ruin his wedding, though. Casual sex isn't all fun and games. The 30th film in the Walt Disney

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