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There are some council grants available for basic funding, and some rinks sponsor ice time for talented skaters, but for such an expensive sport cash is in short supply. I can honestly say this would never have happened for me as a single skater.

Our coach would go around saying 'Move to the sides please.

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We have some really different numbers and very modern music. She is supported by her mother, Julie, a single parent who works two jobs, seven days a week — at Tesco and as a childminder — to fund her daughter's progress.

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Our rehearsal time has been fantastic. Laura Freeman is a talented year-old who dreams of becoming British champion in the next few years and is a case in point.

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Now we're not just the entertaining couple, people see we can skate really good, too. I still want to turn around and just ask for his autograph!

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What is some of the best advice that has been given to you? This side of skating is what we enjoy doing the most because it has so much more depth. Well they have really made our careers to be honest. Thank you for supporting me.