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The only person to realize what was going on was Harmful Opinionswho exposed what they were doing.

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But sometimes the elderly are not enough for her and she has to go after homeless veterans with PTSD. It was perfect, all she needed to do is hide her bald head and regurgitate lame anti-feminist talking points that she heard in other videos but didn't actually understand.

His reply video to one of Steve Shives ' where Shives argues that "Atheism and feminism are complementary to one another" is titled "Feminism is My God Now" and argues, in part, that "the only people I hear en masse perpetuating the concept that women are not equal to men are third wave feminists".

Gregory came out as the grand winner of this ordeal, because now he has mentally broken sex slave that lets him cheat on her and whose popularity he can use to continue to believe he can turn his youtube channel into a media empire one day, even though the only reason anyone subscribes to him is because they masturbate to pictures of his girlfriend.

Church followers told him about the apolcalypse and made him paranoid once more to the point where he spent all of his money on survival gear for the apocalypse that his group told him about and his marriage soon fell apart as he wasted so much time away from his wife.

His family remained Christian but never spoke about religion ever again. Now June blindly defends any position that "supports" transgenders, thinks that calling transgenderism a mental illness is something only bigots do even though that's literally what it isand made it her new hobby online to fight with TERFS on twitter.

Armoured skeptic

Even her voice changes depending on who she's talking to and her fucking name is fake. In the end, the guy running the account apologized perhaps being forced by the comic's creatorand they both deleted all tweets related to this, after which the homeless guy Shoe was bullying, scared for his life, deleted his channel.

Despite knowing and caring so little about the topic she can't even answer basic questions about it.

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I'm still relatively new at typing, so if I got anything completely wrong it'd be much appreciated if you let me know. How to get blocked by June: In the past, June has claimed to have been a gothshy, friendless nerd in high school that got bullied.

The part that continues to fly over your head is that less women are in STEM fields He read the Bible constantly and believed it to the point where he was willing to follow Biblical Traditions and adopt the beliefs and lifestyle of the Messianic Jews, a type of Christianity that combines many Jewish traditions, even though it was the most craziest version of Christianity and followers of the faith itslef are known to live in off-grid moutain communities.

All that is now left of this abortion is listed at the bottom of this article.