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Here is the video for everyone who enjoys a nice, long facepalm: Here he shits on Fredwhich is like horse shit shitting on bull shit.

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Shitty stereotypical ghetto woman who, despite the fact that Shane wears a blonde wig when playing her, is clearly mean to mock nigger women. Stupid puns often involving the phrase "lit"followed by "I'll go home.

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How old is Shane Dawson? Is Shane Dawson single? Bonus points for having emo hair and dressing up in drag as your entire family.

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It's likely this problem is just due to it being wild improvisation with little tying down the character besides the attitude.

Previous Video Next Video Third channel In April Shane decided that he didn't have enough shitty videos, so he made another channel dedicated to random shit he pulls out of his ass. A scandal was started when an attack video quoted some soon self-confessed to be tastless and wrong jokes Shane made years back about pedophilia, while removing all of the parts in the recording where he makes it clear he is joking and that he feels such behavior is truly disgusting.

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However, he's also very similar to his father, and had they been close before, Shane might not have been the former. Why did Shane Dawson quit The Station? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.