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I can't believe my family would really want me dead.

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He is just a family friend. She is so full of talent but what sets her apart from so many other young artists is not her beauty or her talent which are amazing but her heart!

You can feel it through the screen that your watching your drawn in right away! It is absolutely forbidden to date or marry someone from the other family.

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I must see him or i'll go crazy. He is my sweet secret.

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The lovers would both lose their place in the families and they both had to be killed because of the honor of the families. Does she have a boyfriend?

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Onew will hate me, but IU. She is an honest, hard-working, talented woman of strong character and principles.

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What do I do? I hope she will be known internationally and become famous You have forgotten what it is to be a real Dae. Sep 14 But it was her time on WGM that shot her fame up into the sky.

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I also watched Deep rooted tree then I can follow Korea history. Because you know you have seen something special in her. I have my problems with the Nang headmasters daughter.

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