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Raika The 6-star sacred treasure, gained through anticipation. This means that they are not allowed to provide their power users with more supplies to use their power this may only apply to during a fightor even save them from dying.

First mentioned in the ending scenes of the battle between Robert Haydn and Ueki. The student is given a unique power and told to eliminate as many enemies as possible. Candidates are not allowed to interfere with their power user's fight.

I found my better half, my soulmate. Their relationship is very close throughout the story, but the moment they realize their feelings for each other is so amazing. It can be pointed downwards to propel the user upwards or it can be detached from the arm and used as a ramp.

From the mini profile view, click on the heart. Ueki starts the series with eleven talents: Each team is given a penalty if it loses, such as having all of the members die or losing their hair in addition to losing their powers. Talents[ edit ] Every middle school student has talents that help them in battle or in life.

For Ueki, a large cannon grows out from a tree and fires a large ball of wooden strands at the opponent.

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A grid of light appears on the ground, followed by a boxed wall that shoots up from anywhere on the grid to capture the opponent.

Since it is only six chapters, I thought I would give it a quick read and then go to bed. Mash Mashu The 4-star sacred treasure, gained through body and strength.

Maoh can only be used only four times in a lifetime.