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The party had more success ingaining two more council seats in Canning Town. On 25 September he was elected a member of the Sejm again, getting votes in 22 Krosno district, candidating from Law and Justice list. Two years ago nothing would have induced me to go to Milton. The VLD endorsed the candidate of the other party.

What said the elegant modern church, that during the process of this change was undergoing a candidating siege? After a little rest and some candidating for a church, I took a small parish at Highland Falls, about a mile from West Point, New York, entering on my labors in January, Following this proposal, the representatives of both New Zealand and Norway declined of candidating themselves.

No scheme for the right placing of men can be devised which does not place a great deal of power in the hand of a few leading men.


The commission would analyse the projects of the shortlisted cities candidating for 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games. He was elected to the Sejm on September 25, getting votes in one Legnica district, candidating from the League of Polish Families list. I will substitute Deacon Goodsole's name for my own.

In this village my wife and I spent nine very happy years.