Anti-Depressant medication drug list – types, side effects and effectiveness Anti-Depressant medication drug list – types, side effects and effectiveness

Sedating or activating antidepressants side. Update on depression and antidepressants: corcept

Discuss possible major side effects with your doctor or pharmacist.

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Most knowledgeable psychiatrists know that different individuals, especially those who are medication-sensitive respond very well to lower doses.

In many cases, antidepressants can actually create a deeper depression and increase suicidal thinking.

7 Antidepressant Side Effects

With paroxetine hydrochloride Paxila commonly used depression medication, about 25 percent of people will gain more than 7 percent of their body weight.

Other types of depression medication-related sleep disturbances common with SSRIs include nightmares and sleepwalking.

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Once you and your doctor have selected an antidepressant, you may start to see improvement in a few weeks, but it may take six or more weeks for it to be fully effective. Although most antidepressants will not cause any sort of eye damage, they can affect your field of vision.

Some examples of newer types of antidepressant are fluoxetinecitalopram and sertraline. Light box People who experience seasonal affective disorder SADor "winter blues," may benefit from light therapy.

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The reality is that nearly all antidepressant medications are going to cause some sort of side effects. The severity of this interaction necessitates at least 5 week washout when switching a patient from fluoxetine to an MAOI to allow complete elimination of the fluoxetine.

Additionally even people who had depression without anxiety can end up developing anxiety as a result of chemical changes in the brain brought on by an antidepressant. Your doctor may recommend combining two antidepressants, or other medications may be added to an antidepressant to enhance antidepressant effects.

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In this case, that individual may talk to their psychiatrist and decide to add Wellbutrin to their medication regimen to help offset the weight gain and sexual dysfunction. Explore options if it doesn't work well. How do MAOI antidepressants work? In pregnancy In the United States, 8 percent of women are reported to use antidepressant drugs during pregnancy.

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If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts when taking an antidepressant, immediately contact your doctor or get emergency help.