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From my adult perspective it's kinda pointless, just weird and atmospheric, but it always stuck with me.

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So I don't know. My mom used to read me this story as a kid, called "The Second Chance Ticket", and Seconds kinda spun out of my lingering memories of that story.

They brought the world of comics basically to my doorstep. I got to thinking about the old-world concept of a house spirit, but one who's just sitting forgotten in an old house as the world changes and evolves.

Lis is the house spirit that haunts Seconds. He conveys motion so well. We got along really well and some great ideas for the book, visual and thematic, came out of us chatting while we inked.

I don't think the notion of a story like Scott Pilgrim would have crossed my mind before I read It's a Good Life if you Don't Weaken, just based on setting alone. I don't know what I think of my work, and I'm sure Seth would bristle at any comparison ha ha but sure, that's a cute notion. Katie finds more mushrooms under the floorboard in the restaurant and uses them to fix problems arising with the construction of a brand new restaurant, her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, and to prevent the injury of a waitress named Hazel.

I keep telling people I want to do some short comics. So those three, Katie, Hazel and Lis, were always at the core.

Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley

I didn't even do a drawing of Katie or Hazel until maybe two years after I wrote down the first story ideas. I wanted to have a short character and a tall character, because relative height is something I had trouble conveying, or remembering to convey, in Scott Pilgrim.

In the last couple weeks of work I redid the ending, and that new ending definitely came out of our talks while inking.

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And then, how did the house spirit turn into the "second chance" magic mushrooms? Buy a Coffee for nat bookspoils with http: I think the story of my work in the past ten years makes sense and is exactly what I set out to do. Max is Katie's ex-boyfriend that broke up with her when she didn't tell him about the new restaurant she wanted.